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Kari Anapol


Artist Bio

Kari Anapol                Blooming Lotus Studio

My name is Kari Anapol, I grew up traveling and living in many places in the US and overseas. I have lived in Grass Valley for 13 years. I have been an artist my entire life, and have studied and painted watercolor for 40 years.

“I feel that painting is an expression of the divine beauty of the human spirit and at the same time reflects who I am, a journey of self discovery. I believe that if you paint from your heart and are truly faithful, honest and passionate about your subject and what you want to portray, love will shine through. If you can capture a moment that touches your heart or stirs feelings within you, you will touch another’s heart.”  

My focus in recent pieces is watercolor applied to textured Japanese masa paper, featuring florals, nature, birds, Eastern Art, Buddha statue and Zen themed images. I have a passion and deep appreciation and reverence for the beauty of the natural world, that is portrayed in my work.

I currently have my work displayed/featured at Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Penn Valley and Terra Bella Salon in Grass Valley.

I am a member of the Nevada County Pioneer Arts Club.

Kari Anapol

Blooming Lotus Studio

Grass Valley, CA


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