Catered Beverages

Catered Beverage Service

We can help you with all your beverage needs – from infused water bars to wine and beer.

Coffee & Tea Bar   2./person.

Add a hot fresh-roasted coffee and Numi Tea Bar to any order.

Includes cups, stir sticks, sugar assortment, local organic honey, and organic half ‘n’ half.  

Add alternative milks for 1./person.

Infused Water Bar   1./person.

Infused and Plain waters make a pretty presentation.

Flavors include Orange-Mint, Lemon-Cucumber, Strawberry-Basil and Plain.

Lemonade:  2./person

Iced Tea (Herbal or Black-Mango):  1.75/person

Please contact us if you would like information on beer and wine service.