Special Order Desserts and Cakes


Our desserts and cakes are made in house, using only the freshest ingredients.  Wheat free, Vegan and Paleo options available.

Call us for our seasonal offerings!

Death by Chocolate Brownies.  Justifiably famous, our deep rich brownie is topped with pure chocolate ganache.  A bite is $1.25, full size is $4.25.  Top them with fresh raspberries! (Call for current pricing.)

 Heavenly Brownies.  You can feel virtuous eating these vegan, wheat free brownies!  A bite is $1.25, full size is $4.25. 

 Lemon Bars.  House made lemon curd tops a buttery crust.  A bite is $1.25, full size is $4.25. 

 Bread Pudding.  Apple with Hard Sauce, Warm Chocolate, Peach with Brandy Sauce or Berry.  $5.25 per seving. 

 Decorated Shortbread.  Seasonal creations of our rich rolled shortbread, iced and decorated to your specifications!  Planning a child’s birthday party?  Get a cookie decorated with each child’s name!  $1.95 each.  

Caramel Apple Bars   Better than going to the Fair.  A bite is $1.25, full size is $4.25. 

 Tiny Fruit Tarts with Lemon Curd   Fresh and elegant.  Available in Gluten Free. 3.25 per person 

Tiny cheesecakes   Classic cheesecake in individual portions.  Assorted toppings available.  3.95 per person

Lemon Cream Tarts with Blueberries or Raspberries  Creamy lemon filling atop puff pastry, bright with blueberries or raspberries.    3.95 per person

Macarons  Classic French meringue cookies filled with your choice of creams. 1.25 per cookie.

Notta Cheesecake  Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free cheesecake?!  You bet.  Cashews, dates and pecans will win over all your friends and relatives!  5.25 per person per slice, 2. per bite.  Buy a whole cheesecake for $42!  

Vegan Chocolate Mousse   A divine AND healthy dessert!  5.25 per person

Cookies  In assorted flavors.  Who doesn’t love a cookie?   1.50 for full size,  .75 per mini cookie.  

Cupcakes  Assorted varieties.   Full sized, 3.25;  In mini sizes.  2.10 each. 


Our cakes are carefully crafted to order, in house.  
We cannot make exceptions.
Download and Print our Cakes Brochure:



Here is a sampling of some of our favorite cakes from over the years….

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